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2016 Crias Available

EL Nino's Golden Legend

Are you ready to add El Nino's Golden Legend's exceptional genetics to your breeding program? We are offering his 2015 crias for sale in colors ranging from white to dark brown both male and female.

Legend is still putting out the winners - with 3 medium fawn juvenile males:
Put Me In Coach, Imagine This and DNA Matters. Dams all Prairie Moon females.
TxOLAN - 3rd out of 4, MOPACA - 3rd out of 6 & GWAS - 3rd out of 5

Legend is still passing on his traits to his offspring and is the foundation for a superior breeding program with 3 white and light juveniles: Doll Baby, Mr Marvel and Yippie Ty. Dams are all Prairie Moon females.
Txolan - 4th out of 5 & MOPACA - 4th out of 7

BMF Taos' Zeppelin

Zeppelin continues to pass on his exceptionally fine consistent fleece to his offspring. We have 2016 crias available for sale in dark colors to enable you to add this genetic powerhouse to your breeding program.

We took 10 of our 2015 Legend and Zeppelin babies to TxOLAN, MOPACA and GWAS. We entered Production Classes for Get of Sire for El Nino's Golden Legend and Breeders Best of Three. We believe that we have an exceptional breeding program on our farm but we wanted to take it on the road for opinions of other breeders and judges for validation that our breeding program is strong. We were competing against yearlings with our juveniles. Just babies competing against animals at their prime in both fleece development and mature conformation. Our Get of Sire entries included 3 medium fawn males that were repeatedly described as looking so much alike that they were "peas in a pod" with sturdy bodies packed with long fine fleece. They were so cute standing next to each other as they walked into the ring and waited somewhat patiently for the judges' evaluations. Our Breeders Best of Three entry included 1 WHITE female, 1 BEIGE female and 1 light fawn male. These animals also look alike and were very striking standing side by side. Judges comments always included references to sturdy frames backed with long fine fiber. In every production class, the judges mentioned the quality of our breeding program for consistent fleece characteristics for crimp and fineness and sturdy framed conformation in our animals. This is extremely important because it speaks to the overall quality of multiple animals bred and raised on a farm rather than just a single animal that does well in the show ring. Purchasing animals from a strong good quality breeding program tends to ensure more reliable future generations of offspring from your purchase.

Richard and Anne bought their first Alpaca in 2007 and we were off and running. Anne is the fiber enthusiast and Richard is the animal specialist. Since neither of us had a background in livestock prior to our first Alpaca purchase, we had a lot to learn and were on an accelerated time table. The ride from 2007 through today has been one of the most exciting, scary and fulfilling expeditions of our lives. Let us tell you why.

A few thoughts to leave you with - There are many ways to live with Alpaca and enjoy these magical animals. They make good companions, yard art, pets, stud farm, fiber production animals, and the most complex and highest risk – a breeding operation. Each has its own merits depending on your goals and each is a viable Alpaca experience. We can help advise you on animal purchases, breeding selections, boarding, handling, and support. We will finance and board your animals and help you learn how to care for these magical creatures.